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Ayrmer Software will be celebrating 15 years of making complex task simple, by delivering bespoke software solutions for business, in October 2017. It's interesting to look at how the technologies have changed since 2002, when most businesses were struggling to migrate to Windows XP / Windows Server (from their predecessors [Windows NT and Window 95). When meeting a new client we used to ask "do you ahve email", which seems mad now!

Changing technologies

The technologies that have come along have also changed the way we delivery solutions - primarily on-line these days - and the pace of change is unceasing. Cast your mind back to 1998, when Google launched there infant search engine that would challenge and eventually knock the the big boys off their perch (Yahoo, Inktomi, etc) many of you would not have heard of Google. By 2002 when Ayrmer Software was launched, Google had a serious impact on Search Engine Optimisation and every business wanted to be listed on their website, as Google's popularity increased.

Google were not alone in disrupting the main stays of the internet. In 2003 the Mozilla Foundation was founded and by 2008 Firefox 3 entered Guinness World Records for the most downloads in a single day. At the same time Google launched their web browser Chrome, which is now the most used web browser, with Firefox in second place. Internet Explorer has now dropped to number six; hard to think that in 2002 Microsoft dominated web browser usage.

In 2004 the phrase Web 2.0 was born. It doesn't refer to an update to any technical specification, but to changes in the way web pages are designed and used and was predominantly a marketing term. However the technologies that enabled developers and designers to create a better User eXperience (UX) were coming of age with the introduction of AJAX and other technologies that helped create far more interactive websites.

Whilst our environment has changed significantly over the past 15 years, so has the threat of cyber attacks and no business is immune from the threat, which is why we have invested development time in our security class and blacklister app. Together these protect all of our on-line systems and block any Internet Protocol (IP) address that is deemed to have attempt to run malicious scripts to gain unauthorised access to data held within our on-line applications (to date [July 2017] we've prevent 64,357 hacks against our clients e-commerce and on-line applications, sine we launched it three years ago).

The introduction of Responsive Website Design (RWD) - see our article Brief history of website layouts and why design is so boring these days -in response to increased use of mobile technology (tablets and smart phones) coincided with the released of HTML5 and CSS3 with new approaches to creating website pages and on-line systems that could readily adapt to the device users were accessing them on.


Increased connectivity and connection speeds have made technology - for better or worse - more accessible to users, regardless of where they are; enabling employees on the move to access information and feedback up to date information. We've been working with clients since 2002 to achieve this (initially of PDAs), but more recently we developed a coaching platform that enables a global team of executive coaches to keep their administrative and support teams up to date with coaching sessions, enabling the business to improve their efficiency that benefits their clients and there are dozens of examples of projects we have developed that are similar!


Ayrmer Software has adapted to the ever changing environment we love and work in and will continue to, well in the future. With the launch of our after school booking system - The Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) system - we now provide Software as a Service to after school clubs and schools across the United Kingdom. Whilst we still undertake bespoke software and web development projects, this is an example of how we're having to change and adapt to today's business needs.

At the heart of Ayrmer Software thou, we continue to make complex task simple.

Date: 19/07/2017


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