A Valentines gift from Stumbleupon

One would normally expect a bunch of flowers or chocolates on what is billed as the most romantic day of the year (although my wife says everyday should be romantic)! This year we at Ayrmer Software had an unexpected gift from an unusual sender -Stumbleupon.

Some of you may be wondering who on earth is Stumbleupon? Stumbleupon (SU) are one of the new breed social media sites that help you discover new websites. It should come with a health warning because it is very addictive!

Stumbleupon 500m

Stumbleupon recently hit the news as having generated more than 500 million page views in a month as tweeted by it founder. As you can see, this is rapid growth over the last 6 months and has made the site a very important resource in social media sharing. There were reports last month that it overtook Facebook as the No.1 site for driving social media traffic in the US, although here in the UK it is still trails Facebook.

Social Media Graph for UK

Statistics are all well and good but what does this mean for us and how can we tap into this resource?

Whilst search is still very important in helping us find things on the web. It can be a bit hit and miss and is becoming increasingly hard to find what we want amongst all the noise (keep an eye out for our MD's blog post on ) How to find information on the web easier? coming soon). Search engines aren't very good at helping us discover new sites and this is where social sharing through sites like Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon are becoming increasing important in how we discover new things. Our friends and connections are recommending sites we should visit based on their knowledge of us, similar to how business networking works (know, like and trust).

Stumbleupon takes that to a new level. You create a profile at and select the categories of sites you are interested in. For example I selected Marketing, Internet, Comedy as a few of my interests. Then you just click stumble and Stumbleupon will bring up a random site based on your interests. The toolbar appears at the top of the page and from there is where it gets addictive as its so easy to stumble!

Stumbleupon Toolbar

So what was our gift?

On 14th February we added a number of pages from our site onto Stumbleupon and tagged them across various categories such as website design and hacking. The result was Stumbleupons gift to us " a big surge in visitors to our site!

Stumbleupon visitor surge

Not exactly chocolate but very nice all the same!

Note: stumbleupon is now called mix.



Social Media Examiner How to Use StumbleUpon: Your Comprehensive Guide

Date: 16/02/2011


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