Cyber security advice

The Nation Cyber Security Centre has warned wraparound childcare and nursery settings, about the potential threat of cyber attacks, after it has seen an increase in the targeting of these organisations: Early Years practitioners: using cyber security to protect your settings.

There is a wealth of information available via their website Find a list of the broad range of cyber security related topics that our advice and guidance covers.

Here are a few useful infographics that the The Nation Cyber Security Centre have created that you might find useful.


With so many childcare staff using their own smartphones and tablets, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a concern and as a setting manager you need to be aware of the issues.


Settings are particularly vulnerable to phishing attacks, as they rely on email communications and text with parents.


Our booking system enforces good passwords, but it is important to have a password policy.


Want to know if your data has been part of a data breach, have at look at ';--have i been pwned? that allows you to check if your email address is in a data breach.

And lastly, if you are concerned about cyber security and data protection, please contact our offices.

Date: 19/03/2021


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