Data Protection Act 2018 GDPR and Brexit

With Brexit looming and a trade deal in the balance, I expect to see more changes in how data is handled in the UK/EEA. Netflix have already made changes that will see them have to pay UK Corporation Tax as they move UK customers into the UK (sounds mad, but that is what they have just done).

Whilst the ICO / UK Government have said that they will adopt GDPR (EU data protection regulations) data sharing is explicitly defined as within EEA region, so if you are sharing data with the EEA zone these changes will affect you, come January, 2021.

It's worth noting as a business, our data server are all within the UK and we don't share perosonal data in the EEA or eslewhere.

If you use Google Cloud Services, Google has already implemented moving data from Ireland (current data centers) to the other side of the pond. This means any personal data you hold on Google Cloud Services will no longer be held with EEA / UK and as yet no deal has been agreed.

This is a complex issue in the data driven environment will no exist in. A significant number of businesses within the SME arena don't understand data protection or the impacts Brexit will have.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you use Google to store personal data (GMail, Google Docs, Google Sheets etc)

2. Do you use Facebook / Instagram to store personal data.

Do you use SaaS? These are services like CoB, SaleForce, SugarCRM, MailChimp, etc. Where is your data held?

A simpler and more holistic question would be: where on earth (literally) is my data?

It's ironic since publishing this on one of our other social media channels we have received the ICO's newsletter with the subject: The UK has left the EU - keep data flowing at the end of transition.

Worth having a look at Keep data flowing webinar recording along with Data protection at the end of the transition period for small businesses and organisations. The ICO have also created: Keep data flowing from the EEA to the UK ? interactive tool.

We have spoken to the ICO this morning to clarify the use of Google Cloud Services and they suggested contacting Google.

Date: 16/12/2020


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