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I had a conversation yesterday with a long standing client and after six years the project manager said something that perhaps explains where we add value, during the initial stages of a project, when we undertake workshops.

The upgrades that you are are working on now should be a huge step forward for our efficiency again. I was sating yesterday to a colleague, how you [Charlie Collins, Ayrmer Software] and I [Client's Project Manager] touched on many of the issues that we're now sorting in the original workshop.

It's often the case that I can see the potential of a system long before clients does, for a variety of reasons, not least because we understand what is possible within the context of a software solution. We launched a system a couple of weeks ago that we first developed in 2011/12 and talked of an automated billing platform, amongst other things. The new version takes what was effectively a proto type application - the first version that was developed on a shoe string, as a proof of concept - to a fully fledged system, but in the intervening period the business has expanded from 5 partners to 50+ operating globally and they have often said that they "could not have done it without the system we developed for them".

The system that we are working on provided the business with a point-of-sale, stock control, e-commerce platform that also disseminates data across mutliple websites that are e-commerce enabled. The business currently has over ten retail outlets across the United Kingdom.

Date: 24/08/2017


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