Privacy not included

Over the latest 11 months there has been a quiet revolution on the internet that Apple Inc started on the 17th March, when the rolled out an update that restricted the use of third party cookies that are used to track our internet usage and create a digital footprint that big tech., businesses have abused.

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Data Protection Act 2018 GDPR and Brexit

As the European Union told Britain on today it was time to decide what kind of future relationship it wanted as EU officials suggested negotiators could strike a post-Brexit trade deal as early as the weekend. As yet the #ICO are unable to advise on how data should be handled at 31st December 2020, in fact when we phoned them this morning asking about the use of Google Cloud Services, we were told to contact Google.

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Get safe online

Some great resources for clubs and schools to help teach children about cybersecurity along with an entire section about protecting children (safeguarding)

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Using the right tools for the job

Therese Coffe,Pensions Secretary, conceded that UK government figures relating to COVID-19 infections may well be inaccurate after what is referred to as a computer glitch. The ensuing blame game has started with Baroness Dido Harding, who runs the Test & Trace operation saying "we report the data when they [PHE] send it. We didn't get it". We now know that the computer glitch was in fact coursed by data been processed using Microsoft Excel.

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Digital transformation is about to get a hole new meaning

I chose the image of The Panopticon for good reason, as it was designed is to allow all (pan-) inmates of an institution to be observed (-opticon) by a single watchman and seemed a fitting image for the topic discussed, in which I draw together evidence that we are about to undergo a digital transformation that will redefine the buzzword currently used to describer the adaption of technology within business.

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