Social media doesnt work!

OK, so now I have grabbed your attention either because you think social media does work or because you think social media doesnt work! We have run a series of experiments over the last 18 months and now seems as good a time as any to review our use of social media, so please read on and discover if I have simply grabbed your attention or is there some substance to my opening statement.

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The importance of choosing the right path

The title for this article could have been the importance of undertaking a proper requirements capture when developing a new system, but we have covered this numerous time before.

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Intuitive design not so intuitive.

As a software and web developers we strive to create intuitive business solutions for our clients. However over the years we have discovered that what is intuitive for some is not for others.

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Challenging your clients is good for them

In any project we undertake, whether it be a content managed website or a complex business system we like to challenge our clients as to what they want versus what they actually need. But does this approach actually benefit them? We certainly thinks it does.

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Web developers and designers dependancy on libraries

Web development seems to rely more and more on frameworks and the underlying source code seems to be getting heavier as a result. Having worked along side website designers for a number of years I have noticed how they use pre-built kits like jQuery more and more and regularly see this listed on their Curriculum Vitae. Is this a good thing or not?

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Ayrmer Software developed a highly bespoke Client Relationship Managament system for us back in 2007 which has been a key factor in being able to effectively implement our expansion strategy and I certainly would not hesitate in using Ayrmer Software...

Joe Boniface Sales Development Manager
Kestrel Contractors Ltd

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