Designing for your target audience

Playing around on the new company iPad 2 recently, I have been surprised at the amount of websites that still use Adobe Flash. I dont mean the odd use of Flash, but entire sites built using it, preventing me from using them. Madness you say!

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Generic Top Level Domains gTLDs A fuss over nothing?

The internet is an ever changing landscape and it is a constant battle to keep up with the changes without the feeling you are getting left behind. For many businesses, who have better things to do such as running their businesses it is often the case that they become targets for some unscrupulous companies / individuals looking to make a fast buck through fear and uncertainty.

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What is function led design?

I was watching a You Tube video recently that was promoting the benefits of function led design. This reminded me of where I first came across the approach that we use at Ayrmer Software to successfully drive forward both our web and software projects.

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The dangers of living in the cloud some advice.

A couple of months ago we were having a discussion in the office about the ability for people to work totally in the cloud. When I say the cloud I dont mean the fluffy white things in the sky but the ability for us to use servers hosted on the internet to store our emails, photos, documents and diaries etc., elsewhere. Whilst using cloud services can be very beneficial, there are a number of dangers as people have discovered recently, when using the services Google offer.

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Your clients should be your best advocates

Your clients should be your best advocates and in turn refer you to businesses they come in touch with. It is one of the easiest ways of reaching new clients and the foundation of business networking. So, why aren't they referring you?

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Thanks very much for all your hard work with the new system, and throughout the launch period. I know that you have put a huge amount of energy into this project, probably more than we all originally expected! Again, I thank you for thi...

Steve Maxwell Information Technology Manager

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