A bit of Christmas science

Several years ago my mother-in-law (ex) used to insist on giving me Christmas presents related to my work, so I ended up with some really useless stuff! You know the sort of thing mouse mats that you can put family photos in basically things that you would never take into the office. There was one exception to this truly classic pile of junk, a book called e-tales two in which there was a classic

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Do you use the same password all the time?

There has been a lot of media coverage recently, after a number of high profile websites LinkedIn, Twitter, World of Warcraft (online game) and Yahoo asked users to change their passwords. This was after a series of well published cyber attacks, in sympathy of the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. Security experts have concerns about the wider impact of these attacks as many people still use the same password for all website and email accounts . I am often asked how you are meant to reme

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Why you need an software architect; the building project analogy

During a discussion with a business colleague the other day, I used an analogy the building project analogy that we use to explain why we insist on understanding clients needs before embarking on any bespoke software development. Without out having a clear set of outcomes, it is almost impossible to delivery a solution and will lead to inflated costs without undertaking this vital step. After all, you would not build a house without first getting an architect to draw up a set of plans, wou

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Unscrabbling social media is childâs play

If social media baffles you, it shouldnât do! Itâs just another channel for you to reach your target audience. In some-ways, itâs even easier to reach your audience as they have already defined themselves as receptive to your message (as long as you donât treat social media as a gigantic sales board). Social media really is childâs play, after all you donât need someone to tell you how to communicate in the pub on a Friday evening, do you?

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How to get the most out of Linkedin get engaged

LinkedIn was recently described as the masons for business people by the Daily Telegraph (in their top 50 business websites). So if you are in business you need to know how to leverage LinkedIn and other social media websites. I was at a networking event last week and was chatting to a business manager for one of the big four banks and it soon became apparent that although he had created a profile on LinkedIn, he had done little else. You need to engage with social media tools in order to d

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Thanks very much for all your hard work with the new system, and throughout the launch period. I know that you have put a huge amount of energy into this project, probably more than we all originally expected! Again, I thank you for thi...

Steve Maxwell Information Technology Manager

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