The subtlies of language on the web

I was talking to a client yesterday about their project and we touched on the subject of language on the web; he turned round and said that would make a fantastic blog, so here we are. This is a short article that looks at just one aspect of how language can be used to improve your conversion rates and generate more sales and / or leads on your website.

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Googles idea of an operating system is Chrome

Could you live your life in a cloud (Vinceâs words not mine) using just a browser and living online. Google are starting to punt the idea, not for the first time, of a light weight operating system where everything is accessed via a web browser. So, could you work entirely on the internet?

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Ipad 2 and Tablet PCs It is not just about the hardware

The media and the internet has been sent into a frenzy after Apples Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPad 2 at a big media event in San Francisco. A lot of the focus at the event was based around the updated hardware which generally was warmly welcomed. Any device whether it be an iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, PC or Mac is only a platform for what the user can do with it. It is the software on the device that brings it to life.

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The futureâs bright, the futureâs mobile

Like it or not smart-phones are the way forward. Recently published statistics, show that in the last quarter of 2010 that more smart-phones (such as iPhones, Blackberrys and other touch screen devices) were sold than PCâs. By 2014 it is estimated that over 85% of all phones will be smart-phones. People are getting mobile and are constantly connected to the web and businesses need to learn how to adapt to this mobile marketplace.

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A Valentines gift from Stumbleupon

One would normally expect a bunch of flowers or chocolates on what is billed as the most romantic day of the year (although my wife says everyday should be romantic)! This year we at Ayrmer Software had an unexpected gift from an unusual sender - Stumbleupon.

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