Setting realistic objectives for your website

When asked what are your main reasons for commissioning a new website?, most clients say to increase sales. In most cases this isnt a realistic objective and if taken on face value will ensure the website will never succeed. So how do you define what your B2B website objectives should be?

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How to make the most out of surfing the internet

I have been using the internet since around 1994. Initially I used CompuServe Internet Service Provider (ISP) along with their truly dreadful browser. I soon switched to Netscape Navigator, shortly after it was launched in 1994. I later switched to Microsoft Internet Explorer primarily because of work although I always preferred Netscape. Users now have a number of options include Flock, Google Chrome, Lynx and Safari although I am a massive fan of Mozilla Firefox, which is my br

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The Digital Rights Bill, what it means for your business?

Since the dawn of the internet some 50 years ago, never have so many people had so much access to so much content. There are estimated to be over 1.7 billion people in the world with internet access (around a quarter of the population). Practically every country will represented by users. It is then no wonder that the issue of regulation is a complex and hotly debated topic. Generally each user must abide by the laws of their own country despite the the content itself being represented in anoth

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Software horror stories and escrow

We are talking to a potential client this week, who had bought a software package from a reputable software company around 18 months ago. Unfortunately the supplier has gone into administration, so the client approached the administrators about buying the source code.

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Communicating online â the doâs and dontâs

I never know whether people know about online etiquette or simply ignore it, but it is amazing how quickly communications can break down when people hide behind various forms of electronic communications like bulletin and message boards, email and text messages. The golden rule is to always pick up the phone and have a face to face discussion the moment you think that the recipient has misunderstood your message, but how often have you let things get out of hand?

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Thanks very much for all your hard work with the new system, and throughout the launch period. I know that you have put a huge amount of energy into this project, probably more than we all originally expected! Again, I thank you for thi...

Steve Maxwell Information Technology Manager

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