Social media how it all fits together

Following on from our last article about social media social media is just one more tool for your online marketing I thought the following summary of how it all fits together was worth posting, having spoken to a couple of clients. I was explaining to someone how using Twitter and other social media websites could help promote their site, as in the past they have only focused on their Google ranking. During our discussion I said that I use a set of rules that I apply when publishing conten

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Social media is just one more tool for your online marketing

There has been a huge amount of hype around social media sites like facebook, linkedIn, twitter and youtube and it doesnt look as though it is going away any time soon. So do you use social media in a business environment and where does it sit in conjunction with more traditional forms of online marketing like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns? A recent article on the BBC News website Why companies watch your every Facebook, YouTube, Twitter move shows how

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Online retail sales predicted to grow by 56% by 2014

I read an interesting article on Saturday in the Daily Telegraph Web sales growth set to decrease after 2014 which predicts strong growth (56%) in online sales until 2014. At this stage Verdict, a retail research company, predict that the channel will mature and the increase in online sales will slowly level off to around 12% growth (still out performing the off line retail market). For the last decade small businesses and especially retail businesses have been able to complete with busi

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Bespoke software allows you to have your cake and eat it

Bespoke software can fill the gap between off-the-shelf solutions and your business requirements. Off-the-shelf solutions often provide most of the functionality businesses need, but often they find that their business processes dont quite match the generic processes these solutions provide.

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When everything goes pear shaped can you rely on your supplier?

It is easy to perform well when everything thing is going well and you arent under pressure, but how does your business function when things go wrong? A client said to me several years ago that she would hate to run a software business, because clients never appreciate it when everything works, but when it goes wrong the pressure can be enormous. I dont entirely agree with her statement, as I think that most businesses come under the same pressure whether they are a courier, event organiser or

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Ayrmer Software have developed a piece of software which will allow SMEs to produce management information and cash flow forecasts. From the start they listened carefully and, through the Definition of Requirements process, gained a clear understandi...

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