Appearances can be deceptive

We tendered for a relatively small project last Autumn, but were not successful. We tried to find out why we were not selected, but the client said although they were impressed with our approach and subsequent proposal they had decided to go with someone else. So you can image my surprise when the company contacted me over the Easter weekend, saying they were having some issues with their software developers and would we be prepared to enter discussions with them. I said that although I had r

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Business is emotional

Although in principle I would say you should not let your emotions get in the way of business, to ignore their existence is equally dangerous. The main focus of this article is to discuss the issue of emotional behaviour within business relationships before, during and after a project. We used a business coach (Jeremy Marchant) for a period of around 18 months during 2006 / 2007 and he undoubtedly helped us with the business. His main focus was emotional intelligence and he now offers a range

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Understanding the total cost of ownership

The software industry has managed to create a wide variety of business models that inevitably create confusion when deciding on the most appropriate solution. These range from open source, cloud computing, boxed & turnkey solutions, sector specific and bespoke solutions to name but a few.

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Welcome to the ayrmer software blog

Welcome to our blog. We thought it was about time we practised what we preach and add a blog our website!

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Ayrmer Software have developed a piece of software which will allow SMEs to produce management information and cash flow forecasts. From the start they listened carefully and, through the Definition of Requirements process, gained a clear understandi...

Mike Cosby Managing Director

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