Staying safe on the internet

Independent cyber-experts confirm rogue browser extensions are the cause behind the recent Facebook compromise that has exposed private messages, now for sale on the dark net; what browser extensions are you using?

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The GDPR learning curve

Since I first started looking at #GDPR last summer, I have been on a huge learning curve & have written this updated article that highlights the key points; to paraphrase GDPR "the sheer number of legal provisions makes it difficult to keep track"!

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secure by design

Secure by design: a return to a more formal approach I read an article " interim cyber security strategy to tackle emerging cyber risks" earlier today and was interested to read towards the end of the article the following comment: "While emerging technologies present significant opportunity, when the development, roll-out and management is not secure by design, the risks can quickly outweigh the benefits"

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General Data Protection Regulations

By now you will have now all heard about the new regulations that come in to force next May that replace the Data Protection Act 1998, even if you don't understand the impact it has on your business. We've written this article in the first instance to help our clients understand the changes in the regulations, but we're sure businesses similar to ours (software development / web development) would benefit from the research we've undertaken, as part of our preparations for next May.

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Should developers trust third-party source code?

I am going to sound like a grumpy old git now, but when I first started developing software the source code was shipped with third party components - Visual Basic Apps (VBA) that later became ActiveXs (OCX) - that enabled developers to patch bugs, etc. When Microsoft introduced ActiveX components - pre-built chunks of code that saved hours of programming - they stopped the release of source code and that for me was the death of third party components.

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Thanks very much for all your hard work with the new system, and throughout the launch period. I know that you have put a huge amount of energy into this project, probably more than we all originally expected! Again, I thank you for thi...

Steve Maxwell Information Technology Manager

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