Cyber Security report

Cyber-crime is a significant and growing problem and affects all sectors with an on-line platform or service. Find out about the "Ten Steps to Cyber Security" and "Common Cyber Attacks".

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The total cost of ownership and software pricing trends

The software industry is shift to new revenue models; it's focus on service and support as key differentiators, especially for mature software technologies.

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Brief history of website layouts and why design is so boring these days

I spent Monday morning with our apprentice and was explaining how website design has evolved over the last twenty years. Oh how I wish I has kept some of the early designs by the likes of Microsoft, come to that I wish I could find our very first website. Without realising it, I had explained how hardware " and especially screens " had forced the website design industry to adapt to different rules over the years.

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What is on the horizon

I started my day, by getting my daily fix from various social media platforms and stumbled across a tweet by Suzi MCarthy who pushes out some great content! Suzi tweeted about an article ?¢''What?¢''s Coming Next in Digital and Social in the Enterprise??¢'' which makes for a really interesting read.

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A couple of questions, by a concerned parent

I was recently asked a couple of questions, by a concerned parent and thought it was worth spending some time and answering the question in a rational and constructive manner. The first question was ?¢''does computing stunt a child?¢''s creativity?¢''; the second was ?¢''do children become addicted to computers?¢''? It would be all too easy to suggest that the parent is worrying unduly, but to disregard the questions, wouldn?¢''t be constructive in my opinion.

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Ayrmer Software's pre-definition stage helped us to clearly define the objectives for demanding mathematical and reporting changes - the project came in on time and on budget. The final result is a World leading simulation package that substantially ...

Tony Cutmore Managing Director
Centek Limited

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