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News headlines these days seem to regularly be splatted with terms like ransomware, DDS, hacking, personal identity theft and data breaches, but how much do you understand about these and do they effect your business?

Cyber security is a massive topic, but to give you an idea of the scale of the problem facing businesses right now, I came back after the bank holiday weekend and was faced with three security related problems client were facing today:-

1. A phishing exploit: someone masquerading as their sales ledger clerk asking customers to change the bank details for future payments. We've suggested that they implement a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) that should reduce this risk in the first instance and then do some further investigations.

2. Hacking attempt: on a business website: our security class prevented the hacker from getting into the website and either stealing data or coursing malicious damage, but for many business without adequate protection they may not have even known they had and issue ...

3. Potential data breach: protecting your business data is becoming a bit of a hot potatoe at the moment with the forthcoming Data Protection Bill (first reading this autumn) the implementation of the GDPR in the spring of next year. It's every marketeers dream come true .... the opportunity of pains based sales! So much so, that the Information Commissioner - Elizabeth Denham - has resorted to smashing a few myths that some businesses have adopted in spreading fake news and misleading sales pitches.

Last week a client asked us about OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) as they are keen to ensure their business data is secure and take cyber security seriously having fallen victim a couple of years ago. We are faced with more and more questions from clients these days as the threat from cyber criminals become an ever increasing issue. We believe in eduction and schemes like the cyber essentials scheme that the government can help, but this is not a silver bullet!

TalkTalk appeared to have done everything right before their data breach, but they left the door wide open and were fined last autumn 400,000 by the ICO.

So, how do you as a small business owner ensure you are doing everything you can to keep your business safe?

The first step is awareness and the cyber essentials scheme will help you focus on the basics. But, you need to include your suppliers in the equation and that's why Ayrmer Software takes cyber security seriously.

We developed a security class that wraps around our on-line database applications like a great big warm, protective blanket and has prevented more than 64,000 attempts to hack our clients systems and websites and blocked more than 246,000 Internet Protocol (IP) addresses after suspicious activity was picked up by it protective layer.

If you have had an on-line database application or website built ensure you get it penetration tested and any issues addressed before launching. If your business holds personal data this is becoming even more important these days.

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Date: 29/08/2017


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