tax free childcare

That Tax Free Childcare that takes effect from the beginning of September 2017 is very misleading and has thrown childcare providers and parents into confusion. The much touted free childcare that grabbed headlined during the last election was misleading, to say the least!

tax free childcare

Childcare costs are expensive and like many parents, I myself have struggled with the costs of childcare. We are all drawn to articles to these headlines that claim offer a free childcare.

Unfortunately, to all the hard working parents that work 16 hours a week or more and who have children that are in or starting their full time education, sadly this doesn't apply. However, those of you who have little ones under five years old might be eligible and you should visit find out more.

Childcare providers need to register to sign up to Tax-Free Childcare and get into your account to update your details.

Date: 24/08/2017


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