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Mission Performance have established themselves as a learning and development consultancy that helps organisations harness their team's performance using their Clarity Culture Interdependence CCI? model. This diagnoses challenges and opportunities, frame discussions and plan future actions.

Mission Performance collected information from participating team members off line. That presented its own challenges and was inefficient. As a business that strives to make the most of opportunities, this was in conflict with their brand.


The initial outcome was to port the collection of information on-line enabling them to distribute the Clarity Culture Interdependence CCI? results to the team. In turn this enabled facilitators to use the information to identify areas that could be focused on and to frame discussions / plan future actions.

The senior management team had greater ambitions though! During the initial workshops - carried out over the winter of 2013 / 2014 - they expressed a desire to collect sufficient data that would allow them to provide comparisons with similar teams. It didn't stop there either, with a wealth of other options discussed that showed a real ambition to provide a fantastic service to their clients.


Ayrmer Software developed an on-line portal that allows the Mission Performance team to create questionnaires for their clients. The system sends out invitations to team members and enables them to complete the Clarity Culture Interdependence CCI? questionnaire, having collected some basic demographical information.

Each questionnaire has a set time period for participants to respond, with functionality that allows the administration team to send out reminders to chase up any members of the team that don't respond, ensuring the maximum number of participants are included within the results.

Once the questionnaire has been completed, the administration team and facilitators can review and share the results with the team members. The Clarity Culture Interdependence CCI? results are presented in the form of a Portable Document File (PDF) format, designed to replicate their branding and ensure the results are easily understood by the recipients.

Since the initial development work - completed in the spring of 2014 - the team have striven to improve the on-line database application and reporting of the results. Ayrmer Software have added a wealth of functionality, enhancing the results that now include norm data (using standard deviation to exclude outliers) that enables teams to compare their performance with similar teams; one of the objectives discussed during the initials workshops. The reports have also been improved, enabling recipients to understand the participant?s response using scatter graphs - to show the spread of team member responses - and a better scale for users to select within the questionnaire itself.

More recently, Ayrmer Software have extended the questionnaire to include team outcomes, that show the improvement within the team?s performance, in both "soft" (people) outcomes and "hard" (financial) outcomes, allowing team leaders an organisations to review the benefits of using the Clarity Culture Interdependence CCI?.

Clarity Culture Interdependence report

Mission Performance practice what they preach - so to speak - having sponsored the Clipper Round The World race and supporting the crews across the globe. Ayrmer Software's Managing Director - Charlie Collins - says that " ... the team are brilliant to work with and always open to discussing improvements and enhancements. Their feedback is always really clear and they are a pleasure to work with, although sometimes we get distracted talking about mountaineering (a shared passion of mine and the teams)."

Clarity Culture Interdependence report

The Clarity Culture Interdependence CCI? questionnaire portal has now been used for a wide variety of clients, across a bewildering array of teams and Ayrmer Software recent asked their team for some feedback and were delighted with the response:

open quote We initially contacted Ayrmer Software, after being referred to them by our website designers, to help us design an on-line tool that would help our clients build high performing teams. We provided them with the content & they created a great on-line survey that met all our requirements. There were a lot of requested changes in the initial build of the survey, which were dealt with almost immediately and sent back to us for approval. Charlie is always super helpful, when we have any queries and always happy to discuss additions we want to add. Our clients have been very impressed with the results the survey gives them and can see the difference in their team performance, which ensures our continued success. close quote

Gemma Paine (Training Resource & ILM Coordinator)
Mission Performance Limited

Date: 12/08/2016


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