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Protelligent Limited asked us to develop a cash-flow forecasting application based upon a sophisticated spreadsheet the business had developed. The spreadsheet used data imported from Sage Line 50 to create various scenarios that could then produce Management Information (MI) reports. The problem was that spreadsheets have inherent issues that are extremely difficult to protect from data errors.

Protelligent Limited used Microsoft Excel, but the spreadsheets had limitations and were unable to process data beyond sub-ledgers, where as they wanted to drill down further, enabling users to forecast income and expenditure far more accurately.


Protelligent Limited historically provided an outsourced / interim Financial Director for Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SME), but wanted to create a software solution that enable them to generate a revenue stream from their Intellectual Property (IP).

They also wanted to address the issues with using spreadsheets, whilst also being able to create cash-flow forecasts that could be drilled down to each transaction (beyond the current limitations of sub-ledgers).


Ayrmer Software undertook an extensive business analysis that proved invaluable, avoiding a number of potential issues, by ensuring we had a thorough understanding of what the end solution would look like. Good communication continued throughout the development process and ensured the successful completion and continued support.

Cash-flow forecasting software

Cash-flow forecasting software

The cash-flow forecasting software underwent extensive testing prior to launch with improvements to the software being made following the completion of User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Ayrmer Software have continued to supported Protelligent Limited post launch, designing and developing a brochure style website and blog (using WordPress) - - to help market the software.

open quoteAyrmer Software have developed a piece of software which will allow SMEs to produce management information and cash flow forecasts. From the start they listened carefully and, through the Definition of Requirements process, gained a clear understanding of what we required. They considered a number of possible technical solutions and finally recommended that we use an Apache Derby database with Java as the programming language. They have delivered on their promise of 'making complex tasks simple' and have given us an excellent application...close quote
Mike Cosby, Managing Director of Protelligent

Our Managing Director was able to introduce Bill Wells (who runs 2.0 Ltd.,) to Mike Cosby, who commissioned a promotional video for the website from Plymouth based video production company 2.0 Ltd., which you can see on his website. As part of the process, Bill used some of the video footage to create the testimonial video below.

Date: 01/10/2012


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Ayrmer Software developed a highly bespoke Client Relationship Managament system for us back in 2007 which has been a key factor in being able to effectively implement our expansion strategy and I certainly would not hesitate in using Ayrmer Software...

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