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Summit Events Limited We initially won a contract to re-design Summit Events corporate website in 2004 and whilst on site noticed they were using a Microsoft Access database application for the Client Relationship Management (CRM) and handling the logistic side of the events.

When I asked them about the software they were using, it soon became apparent that the solution was inadequate for their business and furthermore was riddled in bugs that meant that the data could not be relied and on had to be manually checked, from start to finish.


We sat down and went through what the existing software did and then looked at what else they needed to make the process of organising their events easier. Our tag line - making complex task simple - originates from this project, because on the face of it, the business requirements seemed mind boggling. One of the key issues to running an event is getting the participants preferences in a timely fashion and being able to process them so that each individual can maximise their time at the summit.


We developed a system that encompasses just about every aspect of the business; everything from the Client Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS) to setting up events, booking travel arrangements, accommodation, gathering participants preferences and processing one-to-one business meetings and mealtime seating plans base on the participants preferences.

The biggest challenge was the creation of the one-to-one business meetings and mealtime seating plans. Each participant selects the businesses they want to meet and assigns a priority to each selection. The system then processes the requests and creates an itinerary for participants based on their preferences. The key objective is to ensure each participant's meeting allocation is met and the old system had never been able to achieve this and could take several hours to complete. The first time we ran the software, it managed almost 100% and completed within 3 minutes!

Ayrmer Software attended the Human Resources Summit (2004) in Dublin whilst developing the software and then supported Summit Events at the People Development Summit (2005), which was the first time the system was used in earnest. We continue to support Summit Events today and have a close working relationship with the entire team.

open quoteI have worked with Charlie and Ayrmer Software since 2003, when I approached him to create a bespoke solution for us. He came up with the perfect system for us at a price we could afford. We are still working with him today, though the system runs so smoothly that we have much less contact these days! Charlie has an ability to think around a problem and see it from the client's point of view. This enables him to foresee issues before they arise, an excellent attribute in his line of work! He is also commercially astute, quickly understanding the client's business, and is very creative in the solutions he comes up with. He really gets involved with your project; he always goes the extra mile, and is not satisfied simply to meet the brief but, if he can, will exceed it. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Charlie and Ayrmer Software.close quote
Sue Trousdale, Managing Director, Summit Events Limited

Date: 01/10/2012


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