after school, breakfast and holiday club booking system

Are you struggling to manage your after school and breakfast club booking or constantly having to make last minute changes to your club registers?

Do you have parents unexpectedly drop their children off at clubs and they haven't got the money to pay for the session?

Are you constantly chasing outstanding payments?

In short, is your administration distracting you from getting on and doing what you are passionate about, providing fantastic childcare?

How would you like your parents to be responsible for booking their children onto clubs and paying at the time of booking from the comfort of their home, whilst at work or out and about?

Get rid of the endless administrative headache and take control of your business with a booking system that enforces your terms and conditions, whilst been flexible enough to cater for the real world!


We are now giving CoB away for free:

  • No set-up fees
  • No installation costs
  • No license fees
  • Free upgrades
  • Free technical support

It's really is that simple!

Cob is proven to reduce administration by over 58%.

What's not to like about that and comes packed with all the functionality you'll need to run your wrap-around childcare provision at the end of yopur finger tips!

The Childcare on-line Booking system - yeah we know it's a bit of a mouthful so refer to it as CoB - is stacked full of real benefits that help you manage your business more efficiently:

  • Create your own breakfast, after school and holiday clubs that matches the way you run your clubs.
  • Prevent over subscription to busy clubs by setting capacities that can be customised down to each day to help manage human resources.
  • Manage charges for clubs using standard or discounted rates to ensure parents are charged the correct amount for their bookings.
  • Set-up booking cut off dates and times to ensure your register is up to date an accurate, but still have the flexibility to add late bookings.
  • Determine if and when parents can cancel club bookings, to prevent parent?s block booking holiday clubs and then cancelling bookings at the last minute. After all you want support parents that value your fantastic childcare!
  • Take payment via credit & debit cards and childcare vouchers or create custom payment methods to cater for the way you collect childcare fees and improve cash flow.
  • Ensure that children's registration details are up to date and you have all the information you require to comply with Ofsted regulations, including children with food allergies. "Before a child is admitted to the setting the provider must also obtain information about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies that the child has, and any special health requirements... Providers must record and act on information from parents and carers about a child's dietary needs." (Para 3.47, Early Years Foundation Stage, 2017)
  • Stay in touch with parents via e-newsletters and keep parents informed about your club!
  • Ensure parents juggling work / life balance have an easy way to manage their childcare, no matter where they are!

The Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) system has over 24,539 registered parents, 30,604 registered children, processed over 248,724 bookings that represent 1,580,331 activities and taken over twelve million pounds on behalf of our clients since we launched it, in January 2016 [figures taken in October 2018].


special off for OOSA members

We delighted to have teamed up with The Out of School Alliance and are offering some great discounts for their members and we're passionate about delivering a solution that works for after school and holiday clubs and schools alike. This is our 'baby' and we just want to be able to reach a wider audience, so more clubs and schools can get the benefit!


mobile friend user interface, for parents on the move!

The Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) is fully responsive - users can access the system using virtually any device, including mobile phones and tablets - and boasts a raft of functionality.

Childcare on-line Booking (CoB)


But, don't believe us, this is what some our users have to say:

open quote We needed a better solution for the booking and payment of our out of school childcare club so after exploring options online we approached Arymer Software who gave us a trial of their CoB. We were impressed with the trial so decided to go ahead with the CoB (after applying for online payments). The system has worked really well. Parents are now able to make booking online and make payments at the same time, which stops us having to chase outstanding payments. They are able to see what they have booked at any time and update their personal details as things change. Arymer have been fantastic in supporting us with the roll out of the system and any initial teething problems (which you get with a new system) which have now all been resolved. We would definitely use them again in the future if a need arose. close quote

Louise Lambert (School Business Manager)
Bignold Primary School & Nursery

open quote The Ayrmer Software's staff interpreted the schools requirements completely and supported us with advice on areas where we have less experience. Their staff [Ayrmer Software] are so responsive when we make an enquiry. The on-line booking system [CoB] has provided the parents with a user-friendly interface to book their children into the school club whist providing the school with a easy to use back end supplying all the information we need to efficiently administer the school club. The booking system enables the school to have instant access to the funds generated, In short it revolutionised the way we collect money and made it much easer for the school and parents.
I would be happy to recommend Ayrmer Software to any of my colleagues. close quote

Francis Saunders (Business Manager)
Breakspear School

open quote As a busy Holiday Club with over 1000 families registered and attendances of 150 children most days we were overwhelmed with the administrative work required to process bookings. After a busy summer 2015 we concluded that we urgently needed to find a suitable solution to reduce the increasing administrative time! After some research Ayrmer Software seemed to provide the only solution that was the best fit for our operation. After a trial of their CoB and participation in a remodelling of the system, we felt we were really feel in control of the booking system which has allowed us to offer a better service to our customers. The service offered by Ayrmer allowed us to customise the Customer interface to match our website and other School branding which was very important and gives customers a more seamless transfer to the booking system. We launched the system for the Summer holidays, our busiest holiday period and not an ideal time for introducing a new system. That said, the system has worked brilliantly, any teething problems were quickly and efficiently resolved through the Ayrmer Management Help System and if required Ayrmer staff were also incredibly helpful in problem solving with us. Two weeks to go before the holiday starts and the system has worked really well. Our bookings are already exceeding last years at this stage and I do feel this is directly as a result of the far more accessible and user friendly new system. More importantly the booking process requires minimal time from our administration team. Ayrmer CoB has been a great investment for our Extended Care provision. Not only has it saved time in reducing administration hours, it has also provided the opportunity to increase business and therefore increase our turnover. close quote

Lynne Constantine (Business Development Manager)
Claires Court School


open quote Less administration time - Increased cash-flow - Happier customers! We initially got in touch with Ayrmer Software when our booking and payment process was consuming all of our administration hours, leaving little time left to focus on other important aspects of the business. It often felt like we were drowning in paperwork! CoB has not only drastically reduced our administration, but improved the booking experience for our customers, as they are able to book, pay and even cancel their bookings at any time in the day. Our cash flow has increased as we no longer have to chase for payments! The Ayrmer Software's team have been very supportive and patient with us. They have listened to our feedback about the system, making adjustments, customisations and additions as and when we need. They are continually improving the system and striving to make it the best of its kind on the market. We cannot recommend it highly enough. If you've experienced a similar overwhelming amount of paperwork due to bookings, or are tired of chasing for payments, get in contact with Ayrmer Software now. You won't look back - we haven't! close quote

Hannah Wilson (Business Manager)

open quote You need this booking system! It is easy to use, the team are brilliant and very patient. This software is very easy to use. It saves me so much time with this software. I wish I never waited so long to get it. The prices is very cheap considering what you get for your money. The best move I've made for my business. close quote

Andy Abel (Managing Director)
Sport Star Limited

open quote Starting up a new Out of School Club for the following term - independently, completely from scratch, whilst still teaching full-time - was a huge challenge, but where there's a will (and a need), there's a way! From a few hours of desk research, I found Ayrmer Software to have a great deal of experience in this very specific sector, along with with the most transparent pricing and best customer feedback. Since the start, Charlie has been responsive, communicative, helpful, and is able to interpret various potential issues in a very human way I have rarely seen with programmers and software developers! This is a team of problem solvers who can relate to human behaviours, are happy to develop and whom I am very happy to endorse. Thank you for enabling me to accurately assess demand for the Out of School Club and for saving me the headache of all that administration! close quote

Becky Piper (Business Owner)
Stony Stratford BizKids

open quote We researched lots of different on-line booking systems for our Breakfast and After School Club and found that CoB was the only one which would fit around us, as opposed to us changing our processes and payment structures to fit around the software. Ayrmer Software have been very helpful and have helped to tweak the system so that it works effectively for us. We highly recommend this on-line booking system, it has made our invoices, registers and general management of parent / child information so much easier. Invoices and registers are produced instantly and parents have control over their bookings and payments. It has worked really well for us and our parents are very happy with the system. close quote

Jo Sutton (Business Manager)
The Brook School

Childcare on-line Booking (CoB)


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