Childcare on-line Booking

Child Registration Details

We recognise that each club or school is different and sometimes needs to collect different or club specific information about a child. Our system allows administrators to customise, add or delete the fields that either parents or administrators fill out.

Our system starts with core details about a child that cannot be removed.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • 1st Registered Contact
  • 2nd Registered Contact
  • School
  • Medical Notes
  • Dietary Notes
  • Agreement to your supplied Terms and Conditions

In addition to these administrators can add any number of fields that need to be collected. When entering a new field the following controls are available:

  • Label - The title of the field
  • Description - A brief explanation of what the parent should enter. This will be shown alongside the label on the entry screen
  • Type - The type of data the parent will need to enter (Date, List of Options, Text, Yes/No)
  • Grouping - What section does this field show on the child registration screen (5 sections available)
  • Expose to Parents - Users check this box if this is a field for the parent to fill in. Uncheck for this to be an admin only setting (parent will not be able to see)
  • Mandatory - Is this field required (parents cannot place a booking if this field is missing)
  • Show on Entry Form - Should this field be printed on the child's entry form PDF?
  • Show on Register - Should this field be printed on the register?
  • Flag Field - Select a setting if you would like this field flagged on the register. The avilable settings are:
    • Flag if Entered - Only leaving this field blank will stop this field from being flagged
    • Flag if Not Entered - Filling in the field will stop this from being flagged
    • Flag if Yes - Only applicable to "Yes or No" type
    • Flag if No - Only applicable to "Yes or No" type
  • Order - Enter to order fields within the same grouping (I.e. 1 = first, 2 = second)

Lets illustrate this with a few examples.

Example One - Permission Field

My club decides that it will offer tablets to children with educational software. However I am aware that some parents may not want their children partaking. I therefore would like them to explicitly agree to this and also to see on the day if any children are not allowed to partake so I can find a new activity

  • Label - Tablet Usage
  • Description - Select 'Yes' if you agree for your child to use tablets with educational software whilst onsite. All usage will be supervised.
  • Type - Yes or No
  • Grouping - Additional Information
  • Expose to Parents - Yes
  • Mandatory - Yes
  • Show on Entry Form - Yes
  • Show on Register - Yes
  • Flag Field - Flag if No

These settings will ensure the parent has to enter the data before placing their next booking. I will have the information present on the daily register for both sessions as well as on the child's entry form

Example Two - Information Field

For auditing and safety my club needs to record the child's registered Doctor. I am aware that some children may not have a doctor so decide I will not stop further bookings if the information is not available, nor do I need to know this on the day.

  • Label - Registered Doctor's Name
  • Description - Enter your child's registered GP
  • Type - Text
  • Grouping - Medical Information
  • Expose to Parents - Yes
  • Mandatory - No
  • Show on Entry Form - Yes
  • Show on Register - No
  • Flag Field - None

These settings will collect the data if entered. Although it doesn't appear on the register, I have the details on the child's PDF entry form.

Example Three - Private Field

My club would like to record which students have caused issues in the class. I need this information so that I can speak with their parents when they attend. I do not want the parent to see this information and it should only be entered by administrators.

  • Label - Potential Problems
  • Description - Enter details if this child is becoming disruptive, where a dialogue with the parent should be opened.
  • Type - Text
  • Grouping - Administrative Information
  • Expose to Parents - No
  • Mandatory - No
  • Show on Entry Form - No
  • Show on Register - No
  • Flag Field - Flag if entered

These settings dictate a field will be visible only to administrators. It is not shown anywhere apart from if entered in which case it will be flagged on the register

As you can see the system is set up to be as flexible as possible. We are continuing to improve this functionality and welcome feedback from our current and future users as to what other needs they may have. To discuss this or anything related to the Childcare online Booking system call us for an informal chat.


If you like to get in touch, please telephone our offices on +44 (0) 1364 582017 or complete our on-line form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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