Childcare on-line Booking

Payment Methods

The Childcare on-line Booking product allows the administrative users to create any type of payment method with associated rules. These compliment the standard payment types that can be activated.

Standard Payment Methods

The standard payment types already have set behaviour and functionality on the system. However the user also has the ability to control how these work (see options against Custom Payment Types below).


Sage Pay (Payment Service Provider) - This inbuilt integration can be added to your account so that you can receive secure credit and debit card payments. This needs to be set-up in conjunction with an Internet Merchant Account that your bank can provide. The Sage Pay Payment Gateway contains a variety of options including customisable fraud rules, monthly reports and 3d secure settings World Pay (Payment Gateway) - This inbuilt integration can be added to your account as an alternative to Sage Pay so that you can receive secure credit and debit card payments. We have found that obtaining a WorldPay account is generally easier than Sage Pay, especially if you do not have an Internet Merchant Account. Childcare Vouchers - The system can record payment via childcare vouchers. At the time of booking the parent specifies the Voucher Provider and the Reference to the voucher being used. This is then shown in various reports to allow you ensure you have received the vouchers and mark the booking as paid. The system features various reminders to the parent about outstanding vouchers, as well as automated e-mails when the voucher is marked as received. Credit System - Parents can maintain a credit on their account. Credits are assigned by administrators or by purchasing credit directly. Credits can be used to fully or partially pay for a session.

Custom Payment Types

As the administrator of the Childcare on-line Booking system you have the ability to not only control the standard types and their rules but also create an unlimited amount of custom payment methods. Let's run through an example:

For one of your clubs you would like to be able to take payment on the day in cash. In the Payment Methods screen you can create a new entry and fill out the following options:

Description: What text should appear for this option Active: (Yes) Whether this should be live on the system - Easy way to temporarily halt taking a certain payment method Admin Only: Should this payment method be shown to parents (No) or only to administrative users when they are masquerading and placing orders on the parents behalf (Yes) Automatically reconcile (Paid): When paying by this method do you want the booking to be marked as fully paid (Yes), or do you want to reconcile the payment when it has physically been received (No) Surcharge Percent (%): Do you want to charge a fee for using this method - percentage of full booking cost (Best used for Credit cards where you pay a percentage of the transaction amount as a fee) Surcharge Amount: Do you want to charge a fee for using this method - standard flat amount per booking (I.e. 30p per booking as an administrative charge)

Using these options you can setup a cash payment type as you like. However what happens if you only want one type of club to take this method? What happens if one parent is abusing the payment method? This can be handled easily as you can mark both sessions and parents with what payment methods you are happy to accept. By default all payment types will appear (subject to above rules) but you exclude certain types and the changes impact the system immediately. This applies to both standard and custom payment methods.


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