identify issues

identify issues

Our approach to software development, web design and development is to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the scope of the project and demonstrate that our approach will provide the most appropriate solution for your business. The approach we use can significantly reduce costs and enables us to provide accurate time scales for project management, which is essential for the successful implementation of the project.

Our approach relies on your business investing resources into the creation of the definition of requirements so that we can understand your business and you can be confident that the technical implementation will deliver your business needs. Having understood the scope of the project we can provide accurate costs and time scales, often resulting in savings in time, money and hassle during the later stages of development.

Using this approach, you can be confident your expectations will be met and there will not be any surprises. It also allows you the time to fully understand the implications of your requirements, enabling you to make informed decisions on how best to achieve the desired outcomes. This normally results in far fewer changes made during the development, avoiding costly adaptations and delays.

The first step in our process for you is to identify issues within your processes. We do this by undertaking one or more workshops to delve into the business process, challenge them and understand what works and what doesn't. We differentiate between the issues and the symptoms within the business. We often find that clients initially provide a list of outcomes without understanding the underlying causes. This can result in trying to fix a symptom rather than the underlying problems.

People rarely think with sufficient clarity because they are too close to the business, this can make it difficult for the business to be objective. In turn it is important for us to be sure we have understood the real business needs. It can be convincing, but is it right? So let's define terms:

The business has pains, difficulties, troubles: these are symptoms;

The symptoms have one or more causes: these are the issues;

It is important to be able to differentiate these two terms, issue and symptoms. The issue comes first in time and gives rise to the symptoms.


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