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The Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) system can be customised to match you requirements and as the developers of the booking system, we know it inside out and will be able to determine if CoB can be tailored to match your requirements. Since the original development in 2011, we have built numerous bespoke solutions, prior to launching the productised version in 2015.

We have recently under taken a major customisation for a bilingual school in London that is based on the French school system that included introducing tailored year groups to match the school system in France and their Gardarie (the equivalent to nurseries in the United kingdom). Furthermore, we can provide custom layouts that ensure your brand is enforced, through custom designs.

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If CoB doesn't appear to match your specific circumstances, then drop us a line and have a chat with our team, as more often than not we can create a solution and will add it for free, if it is to the benefit

Date: 18/03/2019


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I have just printed off all of the registers and reports that we need for next week?s holiday club over Half Term. We are only opening 2 of our 3 clubs this time, so I only had 2/3 of the reports to print out.. However, in total it took me just 2...

Katie Moore Booking Administrator
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