CoB new enhancements coming soon

We're continuously developing our after school club and holiday club system and there is a raft of enhancements we're currently working on to ensure The Childcare on-line Booking (CoB) system remains the benchmark solution for after school clubs, holiday clubs and schools.

new functionality

Email marketing

We are introdcuing a email marketing platform that plugs into CoB, enabling after school clubs to communicate with parents ina seemless manner using information held within the booking system, so they can target recipients more accurately. Booking staff can create emails to keep parents up to date with their club activisities and much moch more.

Whilst we know many use systems like MailChimp, this enables users to select recipents from within the booking system and allows you to sent emails to parents at one location or specific clubs.

Credit accounts

CoB allows parents to cancel bok sessions and issues a credit against the parents account, but sometimes you need to refund the money, so this new fucntionalit will do exactly that.


This new functionlaity will allow club managers to create multiple sessions that are linked together so that parents have to book all instances. This provides a means of publishing and taking booking for session run over a term - like school clubs - where the child is booked for teh entire term.

The new functionlaity will allow club managers to download the daily registers, as usual. This is to replace te current workaround, which todate has worked well, but we think it needs improving and will enable parents to let clubs know when children cannot attend, dut to sicknesss etc.

Early booking discount

CoB already supports a number of discounts - inlcuding sibling, staff etc - but, we adding this based on user feedback we have received sionce launching the booking system in December 2015.

Date: 19/07/2017


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The Ayrmer Software's staff interpreted the schools requirements completely and supported us with advice on areas where we have less experience. Their staff [Ayrmer Software] are so responsive when we make an enquiry. The on-line booking system [CoB]...

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Breakspear School

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