CoB rolling contracts launched!

We have completed the development work associated with rolling contracts, something clubs started asking for earlier this year. It allows clubs to publish a term or holiday using the new setting "Contract bookings".

Parents can then book an entire term "on block" and it creates the account fees to cover the costs, enabling parents to pay for their childcare requirements on a monthly basis and help spread the cost (paying using Childcare vouchers, TFC, credit and debit cards. It makes booking significantly easier for parents and will retain any cancellation rules associated with the session set-up clubs already have in place. Clubs can still use payment "On account" to spread childcare costs for parents, but need to have "Invoicing" switched on.


We have updated the basket to reflect recurring sessions and added a new confirmation method, creating the account fees automatically.


Once the account fees are created, parents can settle their account fees using any of the valid payment methods clubs have enabled on CoB.


Oh! ... and another thing; we have improved statements by added the payment details when reconciling payments (add payment), which should make it easier for both parents and staff to understand. Payments will still be split across any outstanding fees, but all future transactions will show these details. We've also added the payment method against fees when they are paid, which should hopefully make it a lot simpler and easier to understand.


It is our aim to provide the best possible childcare booking system on the market and have asked our existing users to opt for what we develop next and so far we have a resounding lead: staff rotas!

Date: 13/11/2018


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