CoB saves clients thousands as fees suspended

We suspended minimum charges in March, during lockdown and continue to support our wraparound childcare settings, after school clubs and schools today. As a result our clients saved 15,934.80 (figures as of 30th November, 2020), plus enabled settings to use CoB free of charge for keyworkers saving even more money.


We've also extended the Childcare Booking (CoB) System, so that it supports:

  • Year group bubbles
  • Summer camp bubbles
  • Reserve only activities
  • New tic-o-tape to keep parents informed
  • New payment gateway to reduce costs of card fees.
The new payment gateway - Paymentsense - offers some great savings, when compared with other providers, including Stripe, WorldPay and OPayo.
Charlie Collins (Managing Director) said: "We are constantly striving to improve our services for the childcare sector, as it has been?ravaged by the pandemic and we are conscious that anything we can do to help, benefits not only the providers, but also the many thousands of parent that use Cob everyday!"

Date: 16/12/2020


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