review of 2013

We have been extraordinarily busy and we have not published any press releases during 2013, so we have taken this opportunity to review some of the bespoke software solutions we developed last year.

We kicked off 2013 with our third academy admissions system for The Barnfield Trust. The trust contains five schools - Barnfield Moorland Free School, Barnfield South Academy, Barnfield West Academy, Barnfield Skills Academy and Barnfield Vale Academy - and the admissions system has been adapted to manage the admissions policies for each school. It is also the first admissions system we have developed for both new and in-year admissions.

St Mary Magdalene Academy

We also developed a Risk Assessment Monitoring System for Saint Mary Magdalene Academy in London that helps the academy manage their risk assessments and perhaps more importantly, ensure assessments are reviewed regularly.

Collge Franais Bilingue de Londres

We developed a customised version of our after schools booking system for Collge Franais Bilingue de Londres that manages their Garderie and after schools clubs. This highly customised version allows parents to block booking after school clubs each team, whilst also being able to book their children attending the primary school into the Garderie.

The Executive Coaching Consultancy Ltd.,

We extended Executive Coaching Consultancy's management system with an automated billing platform that is integrated with QuickBooks Pro 2013. The billing platform uses data collected from the coaches to create client invoices and has had a huge impact on what was previous a manual system.

centek limited

We are currently working on a major project to re-develop Latload - a simulation application used by the gas and oil industry - for Centek. Originally developed using Visual Basic some ten years ago, we are using C# to develop the latest version, which is due for completion in the first quarter of 2014.

Petchey AcademyWe kicked off We created our forth school admissions system for Petchey Academy. This customised version utilises admission and in-year reporting. We also developed map based reporting, building off Google Maps API which was very interesting by showing admissions on a map with a drawn radius for zoning and colour coding for banding.

map based reporting

Mossbourne Community Academy We added Mossbourne's new Victoria Park Academy to their existing admissions system. This allows them to use the same system but switch between admission criteria at the click of a button. The system is branded so that it is clear which school they are working with. This system allows the solution to be scaleable in the future allowing divergent criteria.

We have also worked on a number of other projects throughout the year for both new and existing clients. 2014 promises to be an exciting year with a number of projects lined up and of course, we have reloacted to our new home in Wiltshire.

Date: 31/01/2014


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