We approach projects in much the same way an architect would; building a house without an architect's input would be disastrous. We combine our imagination and analytical logic with an understanding of your needs to design and develop solutions that match your business requirements. Our passion is developing custom-built, lightweight, robust, secure applications that make complex tasks simple.

making complex tasks simple
We approach projects in much the same way an architect would; building a house without an architect's input would be disastrous.

We use a variety of Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools and are not tied to any one technology. We obviously have our favourite languages, but traditionally developed our desktop and database applications using Visual Basic. We've left Visual Basic behind and now use Java J2EE and C# as these provides us with far greater scope and flexibility.

Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools

Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools

We can provide integrated solutions that work with your legacy systems, as well as other business applications. These include the Mail Application Programming Interface (MAPI) that allows us to integrate with your email server, as well as accounts software like Sage Line 50 and QuickBooks Pro. There are a variety of different options to suit most budgets, although fully integrated solutions can cost significantly more.

Application Programming Interfaces (API) and integration

Application Programming Interfaces (API) and integration with third party applications

Our approach is founded upon the need to identify and understand the issues within your business, before agreeing the outcomes. These become the foundation for your solution and allow us to provide a written specification prior to undertaking the development work. Experience has proved that this approach can significantly reduce costs as it avoids feature-creep during the software / application development stages.


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